How Our Albany, OR Painting Company Was Started In 2016

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A Vision for Excellence

In 2016, a new chapter began in Albany, Oregon where a new painting company was formed. McClinton Painting, a family-owned venture, was born from a desire to give back to the community and redefine the painting industry’s standards of quality and customer service.

With experience in the Automotive Collision industry, we learned the importance of attention to detail, proper preparation, and masking. We wanted to translate these skills into something that would not only beautify properties but also build lasting relationships with our customers.

From Automotive to Artistic: A New Beginning

Starting a painting company was an adventurous journey. The transition from automotive collision to painting houses required new skills in business administration, building systems, and employee supervision. Our founder was not a painter before starting the company, but a desire to create something special led to the birth of McClinton Painting.

The Unforgettable First Job: A Flight to Success

Our story had a unique beginning. A cold call led to our first job in Bend, OR, where the client flew us via his private airplane to provide an estimate. This unforgettable experience marked our determination to make every client’s experience exceptional.

Arriving in Bend, the job seemed routine at first glance: a kitchen that needed new life and cabinets craving a touch of modern elegance. But the circumstances were anything but ordinary. The client’s willingness to fly us in for an estimate was not just a testament to their desire for top-notch work but also a clear indication of the trust they were placing in our hands. The stakes were high, but the McClinton Painting Company was up to the challenge.

With careful planning and a keen understanding of the client’s vision, we embarked on a journey to transform the kitchen. The client’s taste was refined, requiring a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary styling. We selected a palette that would bring warmth and sophistication to the space, and our team worked meticulously to ensure every detail was perfect.

As brushes met surfaces, the worn-out cabinets began to sing a new song. The final result was breathtaking, a testament to what dedication, skill, and a client-centered approach can achieve. The client’s joy was palpable, and the satisfaction of exceeding expectations was a reward in itself. If only we remembered to take photos of it 🙃

That first job in Bend was more than just a painting project; it was the foundation of McClinton Painting’s philosophy. We learned that no distance was too great, no request too extraordinary if it meant delivering an unparalleled experience. It set the precedent for the level of service and quality that we continue to offer to this day, whether it’s a local project in Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon, or beyond!

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Quality First: A Painting Company Commitment

At McClinton Painting, we prioritize:

  • Utmost Care: Every project receives our full attention and care.
  • Quality Products: We choose only the best materials to ensure lasting beauty.
  • Custom Look: Each painting job is tailored to the client’s unique vision.
  • Streamlined Procedures: Efficiency without compromising quality.
  • Experience & Professionalism: Our team’s expertise guarantees satisfaction.

Building Trust: Our Comparison to Competitors

Unlike some competitors, McClinton Painting honors its warranties with no hassle. Our commitment to communication, customer satisfaction, and making every project a priority sets us apart. From the estimate to the final brush stroke, we ensure transparency and trust.

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Preparing for an Estimate: Empowering Our Clients

We believe in an informed client. From clarifying expectations on timeframe and budget to understanding different paint lines and products, we encourage questions. Our knowledgeable Estimators are ready to guide clients to make confident decisions. Our care and commitment to you is why we believe we’re the best painting company around.

What’s Included with House Painting?

With McClinton Painting, clients receive a comprehensive service that includes:

  • Pressure washing
  • Prep work (caulking, scraping, priming, sanding)
  • Painting labor
  • Materials
  • Job site clean-up

A Bright Future: Our Five-Year Vision

We envision McClinton Painting on Forbes magazine! But more realistically, we aim to innovate further, implementing new processes, features, and technology for an even better customer experience.

Conclusion: Our Colorful Journey

McClinton Painting is more than a painting company in Albany, OR. It’s a story of community improvement, quality, and a commitment to excellence. Our history reflects our values, and our future is bright with possibilities. With every brush stroke, we paint a world filled with trust, beauty, and lasting relationships.

Check out our interior, exterior, or cabinet page to get started on your next project! Also, feel free to read our 100+ Google Reviews

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